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The World is Your Weapon

Decades ago, the Enclave unexpectedly sealed itself away from the rest of the world. A once powerful center of magical wonders now lies dormant. After finding a way through the believed-to-be impenetrable barrier, a band of Weavers – powerful magic users who blend sword and sorcery to devastating effect – must peel back the mysteries of this lost land.

Play as Brynn, a young but fearless Weaver, determined to recover her people’s cultural home, in this third-person action-adventure game. Armed with powerful magical abilities and an arsenal of magical weapons, face enemies that range from humanoid constructs to towering beasts. Use the environment and temperature to your advantage in battles against a diverse roster of fantastical creatures, like turning a dragon’s fiery breath against ice-covered minions. Climb every surface and use arcane skills to create new paths. Explore the world in pursuit of the Enclave’s lost mysteries and challenge giant titans on your journey.

A realm of mystery, opportunity, danger, and wonder: the Enclave awaits.

key features

A Physics Playground

At the heart of Eternal Strands beats a revolutionary new system for gameplay interactions: heat spreads, cold chills, and real-time destruction allows for unprecedented reactivity in combat. Hurl burning tree trunks at enemies with telekinetic, snap nearby trees to block opposing fire, or channel raw telekinetic force to rip boulders from the ground.

key features

Weaver of Magic 

Wear the Mantle, a magical cloak that channels raw magic into raging flame, chilling ice, and telekinetic force. Combine your growing array of powers with enchanted weapons and armor crafted from slain enemies to create a custom look and style. Block incoming attacks with a wall of magical ice, lash out waves of flame from a massive two-handed blade, or toss enemies off a cliff with raw force.

key features

Stand Against Giants  

Face gigantic adversaries and defeat them through a mix of sword, spell, and mobility. Leap onto and climb their massive forms to attack from different angles. Shatter armor or slice at weak spots to diminish their protection. Use ice to pin limbs of a towering foe, arcane flames to burn their fur, or catch lobbed projectiles and turn their attacks back upon them in battles that will leave scars upon the land.

key features

Unstable Climate to Master 

Enhance the effectiveness of your ice abilities during a flash freeze to open up new paths. Use a heatwave to start a wildfire and watch it spread towards enemies as it consumes the tinder-dry trees and grass around it.

key features

A World Rich with Secrets 

Explore the wilds, the capital city of Dynevron, and the secrets beneath as every surface is climbable. Magical abilities can create bridges, burn barriers, or launch Brynn across the world. As the Enclave’s secrets unfold, return to base camp to consult with a rich cast of characters. Each are keen to discover the mysteries of what happened to this lost bastion of power and knowledge.


Austin Wintory

Journey - Assassin's Creed Syndicate

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The Studio Behind This New Fantasy IP

Eternal Strands is the debut fantasy action-adventure title from Yellow Brick Games, a new independent studio founded by industry veterans.

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